What is BoomerTHON?

Our BoomerTHON program, created last year, concentrates on reaching out to local schools all over Connecticut to spread the word about QTHON and raise awareness about Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC). Our main focus is to encourage schools to host fundraising events that aid us in our year-long efforts to support (CCMC). Our management team and committees will work with these students to plan and host events at their own schools, ranging from small-scale events like movie nights or penny wars – or larger-scale mini-dance marathons. We had our first BoomerTHON event in March 2017, and are so excited to continue to grow this program across Southern Connecticut school districts!


How does BoomerTHON work?

It’s super simple! If you’re interested, reach out to our BoomerTHON Chair, Morgan Kozyra, at! There are no requirements to be a part of this program. You simply need a group of excited and motivated students, a faculty advisor, and – of course – permission from the school. We are always open to new fundraising ideas, so if you have your own idea for an event that will work at your school, let us know. We would love to help out and we promise to be there to help every step of the way!


Why should our school participate in BoomerTHON?

The BoomerTHON program is a terrific way for your students to get involved with their community and gain a new perspective of the world around them. Working with our BoomerTHON program is a great way to give back and to raise awareness for the sick children and their families of CCMC – that rely heavily on fundraisers like QTHON to improve their standard of life. This is also an awesome way for students to gain experience outside the classroom that will help them to become more knowledgeable, charitable, and well-rounded individuals.

Additionally, the BoomerTHON program allows students to team up with their classmates and unite together to support an incredible cause. Through collaboration with Quinnipiac University, students can be involved in professional communication, fundraising, advertising, social media, leadership experience, and teamwork. This experience will prepare your students for extracurricular involvement during higher-level education and at the collegiate level.

Lastly, your students will be invited to QTHON 2018 to present their checks in front of hundreds of Quinnipiac students! It will be an incredible and rewarding experience for both the students and our team.


What are some examples of BoomerTHON events?

There are no limits to the types of BoomerTHON events that can take place to help students raise money for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Once again, these are just suggestions – we are absolutely open to having participating schools come up with their own fundraising ideas. We will be willing to work with these students to help plan any events that fit the students’ aspirations.

· Bingo night

· Car wash

· Zumba night

· Movie night

· $1 to wear PJ’s to school

· 50/50 raffle

· Bake sale

· Game night

· Talent show

· Teachers vs. parents sporting event

· Penny wars

· Craft/paint night

· Holiday candy gram

· Pancake dinner

· Mini dance marathon


What is a mini dance marathon, and who plans it?

Mini dance marathons are a great way for Connecticut schools to get involved with QTHON and the overall fundraising effort for CCMC. These mini marathons are essentially a smaller version of our QTHON dance marathon, which takes place at Quinnipiac on February 24th. Mini marathons are school-sponsored events that benefit CCMC and can be adapted for any school. The length and size of the dance marathon are up to the discretion of the students and faculty involved.

The dance marathons are planned by your students – with the support of faculty advisors and teachers willing to volunteer their time. An existing club may choose to take on the task, or interested students may form an entirely new student organization dedicated to the creation of an annual mini marathon. QTHON’s BoomerTHON Chair, along with other QTHON management team and committee members, will be available throughout the year to advise, support, help plan, and attend your event!


For more information on BoomerTHON or to host one at your school, contact our BoomerTHON Chair,

Morgan Kozyra, at